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cartaxo the wine capital 
The development of the municipality of Cartaxo has always been linked to vine growing and wine production.  
The municipality of Cartaxo has conquered an important place in the national production of quality wines. Favoured by its climate and rich soils, the wine-growing area of Cartaxo comprises two zones with distinctive characteristics: Campo, an area of predominantly white grape varieties and Bairro, where red grape varieties predominate.

Wine is one of the main pillars of progress and development in the municipality and has a long tradition in Cartaxo. Proof of this is the Carta Foral of D. Dinis, which exempted all farmers who planted vines in the five years following the charter from paying taxes.

Mentioned by Gil Vicente and praised by Almeida Garrett as one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, Cartaxo is among the municipalities with the largest wine production in the region, assuming a prominent position with regard to the wines of the Tejo Demarcated Region.


 D'Vine Wines

Producing wine was the natural consequence of the project started in 2018. When D'Vine was started, as local accommodation, the business was always framed in the excellent wine region of Cartaxo.

The Country House was created in a family villa, which was built among a vineyard in Vale da Pedra, the family's place of origin. In the beginning of the last century, when (grandfather) Avô Álvaro rode his bicycle from Casais Lagartos to the farm in Porto de Muge, he crossed the vineyards of Casais do Vale da Pedra, a place famous for the wine produced there.


The D'Vine wines are thought and produced respecting the traditions and the local gastronomy. We differentiate our wines in Zé Pirata and Vô Álvaro. The names that give origin to them represent our genealogy and also the two aspects that we want to transmit: Leisure and Tradition. Zé Pirata wines are more direct, uncomplicated and fun, while the Vô Álvaro wines are more traditional, although with the irreverent touch that characterizes us.

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